I don’t like it. I mean, Apple is white, so it was obvious they will choose another color. But I don’t think black was the answer.

The player itself is ugly, so they had a chance to do a nice job with the website. But they didn’t. When you access to section “meet Zune“, you expect to see Zune player, not someone holding what it looks like a generic MP3 player, and then, had to click once again to enter ANOTHER section to see (not good) pics of it.

I don’t see any integration with Urge, or Soapbox, or any other service that allows you to fill those (mere) 30Gb (there’s only a reference to Zune Marketplace, a soft iTunes-a-like that I guess is gonna do that…).

Well, I was hoping too much from Microsoft. I think they will surface a bad kick.in.the.ass by Apple if they try to battle them with this.

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Now, everyone is saying that it’s confirmed by Apple, due to this patent filling. Some others, are saying that it could be a mis-type error.
Anyway, I’ve just bought a nano and an iPod video. I hope Apple takes long to bring that touchscreen iPod to the street.

“Vincular a fotos y videos es sólo soportado por los iPods de 5ta generación corriendo el iPod Soft versión 1.2 o posterior. Todas las funciones de nota descritas en este documento son soportadas por iPods con pantalla, comenzando por los modelos touch-screen“.

Todo el mundo dice que Apple lo confirma mediante este patentamiento. Muchos otros piensan que es un error de tipeo.

Sea como sea, yo acabo de comprar un nano y un iPod video, por lo que espero que Apple se tome su tiempo en sacar este modelo touch-screen!

Finally, all was a typo mistake. Check the details at Gizmodo.
Finalmente, todo se trató de un error de tipeo. Detalles en Gizmodo.
Menos mal!!

Well, well. Long time without posting. This is due to my travel to my loved Paraná, because the marriage of one of my best friends.

Right there, while I was dancing with a friend, she recommended me this band. “Arcade Fire”? Never heard about it, I said.
So, I promised her, first thing I’d do when I got back to Cordoba was to listen something about them.
Arcade Fire is an indie rock band based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Its members are Win Butler, Régine Chassagne, Richard Reed Parry, William Butler, Tim Kingsbury, Sarah Neufeld, and Jeremy Gara.
Their first full-length album, Funeral, debuted in September 2004 in the USA and in February 2005 in the UK, and was very highly acclaimed by critics. The title of the debut album was chosen because of the deaths of several relatives of band members during recording.
On December 27, 2005, Funeral was ranked #1 on MTV2’s “50 Greatest Albums of the Year” in the United Kingdom.

I’ve listened the whole album a couple of times, and boy; they are good. In one of the songs, (“Haiti”, I think) they got over 15 artists performing together! So, go get it, and enjoy!

Track List:

1. Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) (Amazing song, very recommended!)
2. Neighborhood #2 (Laika)
3. Une Annee Sans Lumiere
4. Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)
5. Neighborhood #4 (7 Kettles)
6. Crown Of Love (My favourite, without a doubt!)
7. Wake Up (Another great song)
8. Haiti
9. Rebellion (Lies) (Very sticky)
10. The Backseat
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