You can vote for the best 2006 picture, between these 24 candidates chosen by Time Magazine.
My winner is “Landscape of Despair” by Thomas Dworzak for Magnum/Time


I have to agree with my colleague Gance, there are more pics about pain, suffering, death and horror; and no pics about grateful moments. Sure, this hasn’t been an amazing year for everyone, but why focus on negative side of things?

Think about it.

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Now I can see the real GooTube effect after Google buying YouTube.

It’s amazing how they started to use it for making it viral. Sure, the rest of the peole will say: “¿Didn’t already other enterprises use it to make viral campaings?”

Sure, but not at this scale. Take a look on how well done are the sites of these 2 companies. Specially designed to the campaign, these 2 websites help people to let them be known, and also, use a non-traditional service by the company.

First, is Southwest Airlines, where people can create a video ad for the company, and the winner will get his ad aired on TV, plus a 4-person vacation trip wherever the company travels.

In second place, we have Coke. Here they hold a promotion called “Holiday Wishcast”, where users can send greeting cards to their family, friends, etc.

Now, that’s what I call a nice business model!

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Yes sir; I’m back. It’s been a long time since my last post. The reason for this is that I’ve been studying a lot for University, and last monday I got an 8 in Operative Systems!! Man, I’m so happy. It was 1 complete year without study, it felt not right!

Ok, now that I’m back, I’ll be posting a couple of posts per day, to catch up with news. Thanks for keep visiting in my absense!

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Si señor, he “volvido”! Después de un tiempo sin postear, vuelvo a la normalidad. Lo que pasaba es que estaba a full estudiando para rendir en la Facu (que la tenía ya abandonada, pero no, volvi porque me quiero recibir de una vez por todas). El Lunes rendí, y ayer me enteré que saqué un 8 en Sistemas Operativos, así que soy feliz! Ese 8 se lo dedico al profesor de la materia que es uno de los más ****** de la Facu!

Ahora que estoy de regreso, postearé un par de artículos por día, para ponerme a tono con las noticias. Muchas gracias por seguir visitando todo este tiempo que estuve ausente!

I was reading a news-post at CNET, where they say that “according to Yahoo’s top 10 list of the most conducted searches in 2006, Britney Spears is back on top. The pop star had fallen from interest last year, but has hit No. 1 on the list five times in six years, according to Yahoo.”

Now is it possible that  most people using internet are perverts? Yeah, don’t give me that crap of  “she’s a music star, that’s the reason she gets so much searches”.

Seriously, what would be of Internet if pornography didn’t exist?

Take a look to some of the top 10 most searchable terms: Shakira, Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, Beyoncé Knowles, Pamela Anderson and Lindsay Lohan.

Sad, truly sad.

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Estaba leyendo una noticia en CNET, donde mencionan que “de acuerdo a la lista de los 10 terminos más buscados en el 2006 de Yahoo, Britney Spears vuelve a la cima. La estrella pop, había caído en interés el año pasado, pero ahora ha llegado al primer lugar en 5 ocasiones durante 6 años, según Yahoo”.

Ahora bien, ¿será posible que la mayoria de la gente usando internet sea pervertida? Si, porque no me vengan que la mayoria de esas busquedas fue por la calidad musical.

Vean algunos de los términos más buscados en el top 10: Shakira, Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, Beyoncé Knowles, Pamela Anderson and Lindsay Lohan.

Lamentable, verdaderamente lamentable.