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  1. Juan Manuel — February 25, 2010 at 3:42 pm

    Había un comentario con el que estoy tan tan tan de acuerdo que no puedo hacer otra cosa que copiarlo y pegarlo acá:

    “Oh, come on. This is mere headline grabbing. The document is not a spy guide. It is nothing more than a quick summation of what each service does, and how long MS retains personally identifiable data within each service, followed by ONE PAGE saying essentially under what situations MS will release this data. And that page says, nothing less than a subpoena is going to get it done, and in fact in most cases a court order is required.

    There is nothing scary in this document, which is why this article doesn’t in fact prove anything specifically scary *at Microsoft* and instead has to bring up examples at Sprint or the ominous Project Carnivore.

    If you have proof, I am interested and indeed, worried. But all you’ve done is use non-attributable sources who say they access lots of data – not even data at Microsoft – to paint a scary picture. The closest you came to anything worrisome *about MS* was the quote “companies such as Microsoft.”

    This is pretty poor reportage. Please let us know this is more than just an imaginary boogieman at MS?”



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