Let’s start with this review.

First, we’re going to take a look at iPod nano.
I have a second gen. 2Gb version, that comes in gray color.
First time I saw it, I couldn’t believe how small it’s. Is almost the same size of a credit card, just little bit wider.

The screen is actually brighter that the previous version, and the general aspect is better.

Things that I dislike: First time I opened the case, I see some aluminum painting scratched just in the edge of the scroll wheel. Totally lame!
I know these products are a superior engineering development, so I’d expect everything to be as good as I imagined.
Hell no. The scroll wheel is completely “cheap”. It looks like a piece of cheap plastic when you touch it. I thought it was going to break if I grabbed too hard!

Also, I’ve been playing with it some time now, and sometimes it completely crashes. This is something I’ve experienced just a couple of times with my old 4th gen iPod.
But with this one, it’s been like 5 or 6 times in more than a Week.

Here you have a couple of pics so you can see.

Now, lets see the video.

Aaah what a nice thingy! Black color is amazing. Although, you have to wear gloves to avoid scratch it.
Display size is OK. It could always be bigger, but it is not small at all. It’s brighter than previous model.
Same problem with the scroll wheel, here. It feels so cheap when you use it.

Overall size is good, this is the 80Gb version, and it’s smaller than my 4th gen 30Gb model.

Special NOTE:
If you were a user of 4th gen iPod, your USB wall charger and Camera Connector WILL WORK WITH new model, and it shows no problems at all

Headphones: THEY ARE GOOD. Better than previous versions, but not so much better. They still lack at bass sound. I own a Nokia 6131 that comes with stereo headphones, and they are way better.
Good thing: they come with a rubber surface on them, so they will keep in your ear without falling. They form is designed way better than previous version, so they better adjust to your ear.

Video Playback is amazing. It took me a while to convert videos to iPod format, but when they are done, you can add them to iPod and start watching.

Batteries length: Nanos playback time is amazing. I’ve never seen something like that. I’ve never been able to finish the whole charge.
On iPod video, is good too: I used it 8 hours playing audio and video. (Apple website says it’ll last 6.5 hours, so it was good for me.)

Here you ave a couple of pics:

So, this is it. They are good gadgets, that I hope get even better in their next release. iPod touchscreen is something that we’re all already waiting.

To make it short:

The good:
• Design
• Playback time
• Brighter display
• Faster transfers to and from PC
• Old photo Camera connector still works with new models (except nano)
• Old wall charger still works with new models (nano incuded).

The bad:
iPod video tends to scratch easily.
iPod video display size could be bigger.
• No Firewire file transfers supported in my PC.

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Yeah baby. Finally, after about 1 and a half month of painful waiting… I got them. I can almost not remember the horrible moment I spent when someone robbed me weeks ago, when I lost my cellphone and loved iPod 4 Gen.

That was one of the main reasons I didn’t post as I usually do. Too busy arranging Music Collection once again.

This one is the iPod nano, 2nd Gen, 2Gb version. As you can see is small as hell. I got a few words for it, but I’ll post a more deep review tomorrow or the day after.

I’ve also received the iPod video 5th Gen, 80 Gb version, black color.
Man, I thought it wasn’t THAT good.
But after a couple of days using it… I can say it’s totally cool. (Black color rocks!!)

So, here you can have a little preview, wait for a further review of these babies.

Rock on!

PS: Award for the person who can guess which song I was listening in that moment.


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Joseph Jagger es más conocido como «el hombre que saltó la banca en Montecarlo» En 1873 contrató a seis personas para anotar metódicamente los números de seis de las ruletas del Casino Beaux-Arts.
Estudiando dichos números, descubrió que una de las ruletas mostraba un claro sesgo: los números 7, 8, 9, 17, 18, 19, 22, 28 y 29 aparecían con mucha más frecuencia de lo que cabría esperar.
En unos pocos días apostó metódicamente a dichos números y, pese a algunos reveses, amasó una fortuna de unos dos millones de francos de la época, que equivaldrían a unos cinco millones de euros de hoy en día. Se fue de Montecarlo y nunca volvió. Dejó su trabajo y se retiró.
Un amigo me respondió esto al leer lo de Jagger:

“Martín Román es más conocido como «El hombre que fue a mina clavero y perdió en 2 seg» En el verano de 2006 luego de una noche de tragos, fue con sus amigos al casino y le jugo todo lo que tenia al rojo. Estudiando el número que salio se percato de que era negro, En unos pocos días se tuvo que volver porque se había quedado sin plata. Llegó a su casa y lo c*garon a pedo….”

Muy buen sitio acerca de Rosario, mostrándo su lado más bizarro.
Fotos recogidas por un grupo de amigos que muestran algunas de las cosas más raras de la ciudad, gente y curiosidades que habitan Rosario.
Como abrieron una sucursal Córdoba, pongo esta imagen que me pareció excelente!
Justamente ellos nos van a enseñar a “ablar” español!!?


Michael Richards, known for his main character ‘Kramer’ from Seinfeld TV series (the best I’ve ever seen); is a stand-up comediant, something in what Jerry is good, but I prefer Chris Rock, Chris Tucker, and the genious Bernie Mac. A couple of days ago, something wrong happened in Richards show, and people reminded him the only good thing he have done was Kramer.

Watch it for yourself:

En español:

New Megane GT. Click on the image to enlarge it.

Nuevo Megane GT. Click en la imagen para agrandar.
As we discuss in comments, this happens when 2 companies work together.
Como se desprende de los comentarios, esto pasa cuando dos empresas laburan para un mismo concepto.
Esta es la Toyota Matrix


Y esta es la Pontiac Vibe


Very similar, right?
Parecidas, no?