Totally Fake: lonelygirl

Yes. As you may know, the crap over YouTube is reaching uninimaginable (is that a word?) levels.

One of the most viewed and subscribed channels is the one belonging to a “teenager” nicknamed lonelygirl15.

First of all: there’s nothing great about their videos. Take a look at this:

What? Yes. THAT is getting more than hundreds of thousands views; thousands of comments. Unbelievable.

At least, you can think: “Okay, nice thing is happening to someone who is not faking”.

WRONG! Take a look to what Business Week have to say.

“Based on comments from media and talent agency executives, the videos appear to be produced by a small coterie of creative types. They have had discussions with at least one major media company. Agents are pursuing them as well. (They should be aware that in real life Bree’s name is not Bree.)”

So, if you were considering subscribing to her channel… give it a second thought.

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